Racism or Discrimination?

Most of you know that I taught regular school for 24 years and I have been substitute teaching for the last twelve years. That is why an article written by the "Voice News Agency" caught my eye.

It read, "Black boys in these rural counties are being systematically targeted by educators for exclusion. The article continued with, "Of the 6.4 million students who attend California public schools a total of 381, 845 were suspended during the 2016 - 2017 school year. African American students are only 5.8 percent of the total public-school population in the state, yet they represent 17.8 percent of those suspended and 14.1 percent of those who were expelled. (In other words, Black students experience 186 suspensions and 2 expulsions every day).

This time it's African American students. Next time, it may be European, Mexican, Indian, Asian or Middle East students. As my book states, it doesn't matter who you are because we are all one race and that race is the human race. My book is designed to open up your mind, your eyes, and your heart.

Let me come to wherever you are and speak to your class, union, or committee. We need to understand racism before we can eradicate the fear that is currently ruling our lives. We deserve to live in peace, love, and harmony, but we will only get what we demand. Let's do this!

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The Riverside Ebony Star
Editor and Chief Reporter
Quinn Harris