What Every Christian Should Know

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The Riverside Ebony Star
Editor and Chief Reporter
Quinn Harris

This small handbook is a series of notes, references, and reminders to myself. It is the gathering of several books, articles, and resources I have constantly tried to memorize over the years. Every now and then I would lose or misplace one or two of these treasured pearls and it would be very difficult for me to trace down the primary source. So, I decided to put as much of the original information I had gathered throughout the years in the form of a book. This way when I needed to review or remind myself of the Lord's good graces, all I had to do was open the book. 

All of the books used for this compilation is in my bibliography. I encourage all of you to dig deeper for additional personal satisfaction. I will never say this is all you should know, but I do believe if you really want to be in that number, you should at least know this much.

To be sure, check the list of questions I have arranged in the back of the book. I hope they stimulate your passion for the truth. Even if you successfully answer each question, this book will give you a warm source of confidence when you have to navigate some of life's many challenges.

Heaven should be the goal of every Christian. Obeying the word of God is the path that will take you to heaven. Be ready, be prepared, be confident that what each individual does to get to heaven is ultimately, "What Every Christian Should Know."